Villa units and Townhouses

Helping landowners profit from their land by developing villa units and townhouses is Venturo’s specialty.

If you have a big enough parcel of land, along with the appropriate zoning, it may be possible to build multiple homes on your site. They can then be sold off individually, or you may choose to keep one or more for investment purposes.

Villa Units and Townhouses
What are they

In Tasmania, when we refer to ‘villa units’ we are often talking about single-level houses which are part of a small to medium-sized complex. When we refer to ‘townhouses’ we are talking about two-storey dwellings, which are also part of a complex.

In each case, the dwelling sits on its own sub-divided parcel of land, which belongs solely to the owner.

Why are villa’s and townhouses so popular?

These types of dwellings are becoming more and more popular in Tasmania for a number of reasons:

  • They are generally well located, within close proximity to transport, schools and shops;
  • They generally have their own private space, which allows residents to have a small deck, a garden, a patch of lawn or room for pets;
  • They suit a range of people and lifestyles, from first home buyers and young families to couples, downsizers, and retirees;
  • They enable buyers to own a smaller version of a regular house, and generally with a more affordable price tag.