Land subdivisions

Dividing your land should not be a stressful scenario

What is a subdivision

A land subdivision is quite simply the act of dividing land into smaller pieces, and selling those smaller pieces of land for profit.

Depending on factors such as location and zoning, subdivisions can be an excellent way for landowners to profit from their land.

As councils look to increase the housing density in suburbs across Tasmania, more and more landowners are deciding to subdivide their land as a wealth creation strategy.

Do you have vacant land?

Perhaps you’ve held vacant land on the urban outskirts for years, and are ready to realise your gains? Or maybe you have a big backyard and wants to subdivide the block, sell the new lot and enjoy the profits? You could join the growing ranks of Tasmanians who are creating wealth through property development.

Ready to remove the stress and get started?

Subdividing land can be time-consuming, frustrating and stressful.

The Venturo team can assess the suitability of your land for subdivision, and help you manage the process from start to finish.

Simply reach out and start a conversation today!